Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NAVITRUST meets your business needs

You want to focus on your business—not on
your business software. A complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help you integrate critical financial, operations, and customer data to increase productivity and simplify your business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV
provides an easy-to-use business solution, one you can customize and maintain
with minimal disruption as your business grows.

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NAVITRUST can help you gain better business insight, enable more productive
people and processes, respond to changing business conditions, and reduce IT

Gain real-time access to a common set of accurate business information, and help your business operate more efficiently.

Deliver the critical information needed by executives and staff for effective decision-making. Better analyze project or contract profitability.

Give employees quick insight into predefined views of data tailored to their roles.

Manage your business confidently with quick access to critical operational and
financial data 

Accurate information about business operations is an essential requirement for business success, especially in challenging environments. It is important to deliver meaningful insight to individuals and teams across your organization. With access to real-time data and a wide range of analytical and reporting tools—including graphical displays, online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes, and Web-based delivery options—people can make informed, confident decisions that help drive business success.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for midsize organizations that rapidly adapts to the unique way you do business. By giving your people powerful business intelligence capabilities with access to real-time data, you enable them to make more-informed, confident decisions that help drive business success. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NAVITRUST can: 
Help you gain better access to information
with real-time insight into the revenue and profits you achieve from different
products, different markets, or even individual customers. 

Provide you access to up-to-date information and powerful analysis and reporting tools, so employees can monitor performance, analyze trends, and spot potential problems before they occur.

Integrate with familiar programs, such as
Microsoft Office Excel, making it easy to access, analyze, and share
information—without the need to juggle applications.

Drive strategic decisions with the right
information. With built-in tools managers can create 360-degree views of
business performance, create and view graphical displays and reports, and
analyze detailed information.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables more productive people and processes
Connect your people to the right process and to each other.
Improve communication and collaboration and discover better ways to work together, regardless of location. 

Automate common tasks, and provide role-based access to information.

Enable employees to work with tools they already know and understand, like Microsoft Office Outlook and Office Excel.

Enhance collaboration and connect people to
process to reach new levels of productivity

Do you want to improve collaboration while
helping people to work faster and smarter across your organization? 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an intuitive, familiar user experience and comprehensive set of business management tools that connect your people to the right process—and to each other—across departments, locations, and even multiple organizations. 

Improve communication and collaboration throughout your

When people can more easily communicate and
collaborate, they are more productive. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help by:
Providing accurate and accessible information. All data is stored in a single
database and employees can easily drill down from 
all screens and access real-time information.

Expediting information-sharing across multiple sites and teams. Take advantage of Windows SharePoint Services to bring information and functionality from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to your employees across locations.
Linking Microsoft Dynamics NAV records to relevant documents. The Record Links feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to link Microsoft Dynamics NAV records to relevant documents such as reports and spreadsheets. For example, you could link documents from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or on a file server to a sales order or purchase order.
Connecting multiple organizations. Many large or international organizations
use Microsoft Dynamics NAV in their subsidiaries, in some cases integrating it
with a central ERP system at their headquarters. As a result, these
organizations can better share information, while enabling subsidiaries to work
more effectively by using a familiar, highly adaptable solution built
specifically for them.